Money Transfer System

Mazorpay has introduced a Domestic Money Transfer Business opportunity for all its partners to assist customers who want to transfer money online to their near ones. This unique business model aims at helping the migrants, laborers, and underbanked population of India. Kick start your own agency to provide money remittance service to customers with Mazorpay to give a boost to your earnings.


Benefits of online Money Transfer

  • Instant and real-time commission on every transaction.
  • Great Income opportunity without any investment as Money Transfer Distributor.
  • Money remittance service will attract more customers to your outlet by improving your service portfolio.
  • Domestic Real time Money Transfer Software allows you to send money instantly to any IMPS supported banks India. Receiver will get the money credited into their bank account within few seconds.
  • Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS/DMR) with IMPS technology is one of the most demanding services India. Become DMTS/DMR distributor /retailer to remit money in behalf of your customers demands.
  • Our software supports IMPS & NEFT transfer modes and the system automatically switches the transfer mode.

IMPS: Immediate Payment Service is an inter bank electronic instant money transfer service which allows sending and receiving money any time. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is authorized that processing IMPS transactions India on real time basis.

NEFT: Domestic Money Transfer manage by RBI which settles all NEFT transactions in banking hours