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We offer best Micro ATM service with software, mobile app and Micro ATM devices. Best part of Micro ATMs are best commission on cash withdrawal, portable device, easy to use. Micro ATM devices accept all bank cards and biometrics secure transaction for cash withdrawal.

Micro ATM or Mini ATM machine is a portable, handheld card swipe terminal used to dispense cash, in locations where bank ATMs cannot reach. A Mini ATM operates as a unique “Bank-in-a Box”, allowing customers to withdraw cash and know their balance. This payment solution is aimed at taking branchless banking to the last mile. Micro ATM, just as the name suggests, are smaller portable versions of ATMs and can help you boost your income in minimal investment as the Micro ATM price is very less and earnings are high.

According to the data released, only 5% of the rural population has access to ATMs. This leaves huge gap in the availability of ATM services in these areas. This is an initiative by the government of India, as it is commercially viable to have more Micro ATMs rather than having more ATMs.


Key Benefits of Micro ATM

  • Micro ATM is low cost option then ordinary ATM.
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to setup
  • Connectivity through GSM
  • Biometric enabled secured transactions
  • Interoperable device and can work for any bank
  • Best Commision
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • Quick Balance Enquiry
  • No need to go ATM and facing queue.
  • Secure